Huge Thank You to Our Volunteers and Community!

Hey Folks!

What a winter! I drove to Baker on Tuesday and was amazed to see how little snow there is between Halfway and Baker City, then to come back home over the hill and to deep snow as far as I could see. It’s a breathtakingly beautiful view from up there, as exhausting as it is from on the ground – I am still so happy to live in a place like this.

So, it may or may not be the end. Old timers say we can expect snow right through May. I have a hard time imagining it will pile up again like it has though.

We will keep the website up and an eye on things. It may be that flooding becomes an issue and if that’s the case I am sure we can come together again to help.

I want to thank everyone who helped but, first and foremost Cheryl Robinette who gets credit for a huge chunk of what got done – and she doesn’t even live here anymore! We’ve not yet really met face to face but Cheryl I look forward to it! You are the bees knees, Lady!

Thanks also to Debi Duggan, Sue Forrester, Inga Thompson, Sunny Werner, Mary McLellan and Karen Endersby along with Hans Hammer, Jake Brown, Al Iverson, Rick Bryant, Ivan McKim for helping out where and when they stepped up!

Thank you too to all the hard working service providers who made themselves available around the clock to get people sorted. If you are on this list and would like to be removed get in touch. If you’d like to be added for the next snow storm – or perhaps flood work let us know!

This a great community because of the people here! If I have forgotten anyone please forgive me. It was a whirlwind and so many worked so hard to help out. Please get in touch so I can add you to the list!

As for the future of the site and effort, we’ll keep the site up and the means to organize if the need arises again. If you’d like to be involved just get in touch. We will surely have more big weather, flooding, fires and snow in the future so perhaps we can prep for it together.

Stay frosty!

Liz, Cheryl, Inga, Sue, Debi, Karen and the gang

UPDATE JAN 27 12:44 PM

Hey Folks!

So the school according to Julie Zaccone has the help they need – thanks to Shawn Thatcher and Tom Curtis.

We are still looking for someone to check on the Tunnels up near Dry Creek Road. Also if possible someone might check on George Green up that way. I spoke to him yesterday and he seemed OK but, he’s kinda out there and his barn has collapsed. So people might check in on him.

If you can check on either of these folks please get in touch right away. Liz (541)742-5940 between 1pm and 5pm.

Thanks to Kipp Miller and the Janey and Mike Morrissey from Keating for taking care of Ron Edwards over in Richland!

Thanks also to Hans Hammer for getting in touch with Agnes Bird.

Also thanks to Inga (Birthday Girl) Thompson for looking out for Sunny.

Stay Frosty

The PV Snow Team

UPDATE: Jan 26 Noon – Need Volunteers to Take Photos

So in talking to people it sounds like a lot of folks have some damage but, don’t happen to have a good camera or phone to take pictures for insurance or records. IF you are able to help with this please visit our site and sign up. You don’t need to be a pro or have a super high end camera. Most smart phones will do just fine.

This is a volunteer request.

UPDATE – Jan 26, 2017 11AM

Hey Folks,

Update from the Pine Valley Snow Team today Thursday, Jan. 26th.

Al Iverson is concerned about the Tunnels up near him near Dry Creek. The Tunnels do not have a landline. Their place looks quite snowbound. We are looking for a volunteer to stop by and check on them, perhaps clear some snow so they have egress or let us know if they need any assistance.  If you can help with this please call Liz between 1-5pm – (541)742-5940.  If you have already checked on them – please let us know this too!

Kip Miller and Mike Morrissey of Keating are checking on Mr. Edwards in Richland. We are waiting to hear back from Julie at Pine Eagle Charter to hear how they are doing with the snow situation at the school.

Stay Frosty!
Pine Valley Snow Team


Hi Folks!

We have a neighbor in Richland who needs a couple guys and maybe a Sawsall to help clean up a mess from a deck collapse. If you are willing to help or know anyone in Richland please get in touch with me at 541-742-5940.

This is a paid job. Probably 2-4 hours work in Richland.

Other updates:

Our list is clear at this time. If you are still in need of some paid help please check our Service Providers list. Many have space opening up now.

Weather looks clear for the week but, looking towards next Wednesday, Thursday and Friday (Feb 1-3) we are getting more snow – in total probably not more than 3 inches according to Weather Underground.  Only 3 months to go! ;D

Stay frosty!

The Pine Valley Snow Team

UPDATE JAN 23, 2017 – 1:45 PM

Hey folks!

Just an update from the volunteers at Pine Valley Snow Team. Thank you for your patience as we work out the details. We are in good shape and the weather looks CLEAR for the next 10 days!

Of course, we may have more snow February – May but for now we seem past the worst of it. We are keeping the Pine Valley Snow Team up and running through the winter. So please stay in touch if you need help, can volunteer or donate. Who knows, maybe Winter 2018 will be bigger and badder!

Availability Jan 23, 2-6pm

Cheryl Robinette is back and able to take calls both from service providers and home and business owners. Debi Duggan is fielding calls from potential donors and handling the voucher system. Liz can answer any tech support questions for the site or social media. Contact numbers are here.

Please feel free to sign up again if we’ve already cleared you and you now need more help!
Or call Cheryl directly.

Some of you have told us you no longer needed help but will call if you do.

Service Providers

The Service Provider List is updated as of this morning, so if you are still looking for paid assistance some schedules may be clearing up at this point. We have a few additional folks on the list. Also we are still looking for phone numbers for a few of these guys. In particular:

Jeff Apple
Verne Salisbury
Steve Brisk
Rick Raven
Skyler Girt

If you have contact info for these folks give us a call so we can update the list. IF you want to be taken off the list let us know that too and we will remove you. You can also call if you have an update about your availability over the next week.

Donors and Vouchers

We are still working on a donor voucher system. For the last few weeks we’ve managed to find willing volunteers and a small sum from donors. We missed the boat for this last snow storm for the voucher system to be up and running but we’re still working on it.

As we are not a 501c3 and simply a group of volunteers we do not currently have the capacity to handle donations directly. We also do not want to over complicate things so bear with us as we get it organized.

As we are trying to ensure we can help as many people in need as possible, we needed to simplify the voucher process and asked around. Feedback was that 15 per hour was a fair rate to most folks for the voucher system. If you are a service provider who is willing to take a 15$ hour voucher to help support low income folks in the valley please get in touch with Liz at 541-742-5940.

The voucher rate does not impact the rates you negotiate directly with any potential client who calls. You are in charge of your own rates of course.

Our donors so far have ponied up $330.00 in pledges. So this only goes so far. Please only request assistance if you cannot afford paying a service provider and your structure or family are in dire circumstances. We will do our best to either find you volunteers or set up a voucher payment for you.

We are neighbors and volunteers. We are not a 501c3. Please enter all working relationships with that in mind.

Take care of each other,

Liz, Cheryl, Debi and the gang!

Update Jan 20th – 11:45 AM

Hey folks!

Cheryl is on the road today. I will be offline until later today.

Thanks to Inga who cleared out Julie R – yesterday. We need someone to check on Elaine Hearne – and get her cleared today if possible. If you can do this please contact Elaine directly and let us know when you are taking care of it.

Anita Castletown also needs assistance today or tomorrow. IF you are able to help her please call and talk to her directly. Let us know after you have an appointment.

We could use more volunteers to make calls and to find available snow clearers…

Phone calls are easy!

Visit us at to sign up whether you need help or can pitch in!


Liz, Cheryl, Inga, Sue, Karen, Bob, Sunny…and mom!

We need help with our Contact List

We are having trouble finding phone numbers for some of the people on our Service Providers List. Can you take a look and help us get correct numbers for everyone? Please mail corrections or additions to Liz McLellan at [email protected].

Nearly up and running – January 19.

Snow up to my backside!

We are still looking for volunteers so sign up if you can. Visit to sign up.

We also have our list of service providers up. Each of these folks has a wait list at this time.
So get on one. We are trying to keep an updated list so if you know of anyone wishing to be on the list have them call Cheryl Robinette.

If you need assistance paying or need a volunteer routed your way, have an historical building under snow load, need to clear a path for safety, or have a community building which is in danger please visit and click on the GET HELP link.